Serving the global tire and rubber industry worldwide


At PolyBlend we are focused on serving the Global Tire and Rubber industry. We offer our suppliers security, convenience and tailor made solutions for their unique requirements. With over a decade of experience dealing with post-industrial materials from Tire and Rubber industry, we are well prepared to cater for their demands. Our goal is to process, reclaim, recycle postindustrial materials from the Tire and Rubber industry in an environmentally friendly fashion and turn it into useable uncured / unvulcanized / green product for our customers.

Over the past five years we have designed and built machinery that allows us to process post-industrial materials which were not recyclable in the past. This proprietary equipment allows us to process Green Tires and Wire Friction, something no other in the industry has been able to without the use of harmful chemicals. By processing these materials, reclaiming rubber and other materials, we are able to keep millions of pounds of postindustrial materials out of the landfills. Materials that are reclaimed are then blended to change their chemical properties. This process provides intellectual property security. This process also provides our customers a high quality, yet cost effective raw materials that are used in wide range of applications.

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