About Us

Who are we?

PolyBlend is a Global Alliance company dedicated to providing the best quality rubber compounds coupled with the best customers service available. Our goal is to process, reclaim, recycle post-industrial materials for the tire and rubber industry in an environmentally fashion and turn it into useable product for our customers.

What do we provide?

With over five years of research and development we have developed equipment and methods of processing materials that sets us apart from our competitors. We offer our suppliers security, convenience and solutions for their unique requirements.. We are able to process Green Tires and Wire Friction, something no other in the industry is able to. We also mill and process uncured rubber compound. We can handle materials in any shape or form.

How do we do it?

We are a step ahead of the game as we produce our own compounds using state of the art technology. Soon Global Alliance will be producing our own compounds to meet the demands of the current market. Our products are superior and more cost effective than our competitors and with fast production and delivery times, we uphold our reputation as the best in the market.


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