Our goal is to process, reclaim, recycle postindustrial materials for the tire and rubber industry in an environmentally friendly fashion and turn it into useable product for our customers. We offer our suppliers security, convenience and solutions for their unique requirements. We completely blend and change the chemical properties within the compounds so that it cannot be reverse engineered. With over five years of research and development we have developed equipment and methods of processing materials that makes us unique. We are able to process Green Tires and Wire Friction, something no other in the industry is able to. We also mill and process uncured rubber compound. We can handle materials in any shape or form. Our focus is to take anything uncured / unvulcanized / green and turn it into viable rubber compound that can serve wide range of applications.

Rubber Compound

We specialize in milling and blending all grades of rubber compound. We completely blend and change the chemical properties within the compounds so that it cannot be reverse engineered. Utilizing our equipment and experience we are able to take the uncured / unvulcanized rubber compounds, blend them and offer our buyers a consistent, cost effective, high grade product. Our process assures that no material leaves our facility as it came to us.

rubber compound rubber compound

Green Tires

Through a concentrated five years long research and development, we have developed proprietary equipment that allows us to process Green Tires in an environmentally safe manner. Our process does not require any chemicals, solvents or any other substance that can be harmful to people or the environment. Our process allow us to handle any shape or size Green Tires

Green Tires Green Tires Green Tires


One of most challenging materials to properly recycle is Steel Friction. It's steel belt, coated with rubber makes it very difficult to process. It generally requires intensive labor and use of chemicals to make this material somewhat viable, even at the point the end product can be highly contaminated with steel. After years of research and development, we have come up with a solution to process Steel Friction that yields desirable outcome.


Our Lab

Our plant is equipped with a complete lab. Before and after milling the compound, we test and identify (SBR/NR/PBD etc) each material to assure a consistent product.

Lab Lab